Image Compressor

Image Compressor

Our Image Compressor uses a smart combination of compression algorithms and best optimization to compress the size of your images while keeping the same level of quality.


The online Image Compressor tool is so simple and easy to use. In fact, it is built to require minimal user input while delivering an amazingly worthwhile result.

Step 1: Drag & Drop your Image file or Click the Upload Button to upload the file.

Step 2: Image Compressor will compress your file while maintaining Image Quality

Step 3: Click the Download Button to download or save it to your Dropbox.

The size of the images must not be more than 5MB each.

Next, upload your image or images. You can do this by clicking on “Upload” and selecting your desired images from your computer. You can also upload images from Dropbox.

Once you have selected an image, the tool will automatically compress the image without requiring any further input from you.

To upload multiple images, just click on “Upload” again or select from Dropbox even while the previous image(s) is being compressed.

Once completed, you'll be shown a button to download the compressed image(s) or save to Dropbox:

To reduce the size of your .jpg or .png files, this image compressing tool makes use of smart lossless Image Compressor technique (more on this later).

With this technique, the number of colors is selectively minimized in the image data, leaving your images with the same quality and resolution as the original. As a result, fewer bytes are required to store or transmit the data efficiently.

In addition to using fewer bandwidth, our tool also loads pretty quickly.


Astuce Tech

CEO / Co-Founder

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